Current Clinical Research Projects

Horner TG, Stokes MA, Smith A, Terry CL, Curless CT
Reliability of COWEBv1 Speech Recognition Application for the Analysis of Speech in Athletes Without History of Concussions

Horner TG, Stokes MA, Smith A, Terry CL, Curless CT
Utilization of Speech Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool to Objectively Evaluate Early Sings of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Study

Hur J, Pritchard M, Skiver G, Steffy T, Curless CT, Easton BL
A Retrospective, Nonrandomized, Consecutive Series, Single Cohort, Multicenter Adaptive Design Study to Evaluate the Outcomes of Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Using JOURNEY II BCS Total Knee System (The NIMBLE study)

Hur J
A Prospective, Randomized, Single-Blinded Study Comparing Surgical and Economic Parameters of Total Knee Replacement Performed Either Through Traditional Metal Instrumentation or Single-Use Plastic Instrumentation with Patient-Matches Cutting Blocks

Hur J, Condict K
Safety and Performance of Journey II BCS Total Knee System a Retrospective, Multicenter Study

Maiers GP
Sensitivity and Specificity of MRIs for Identification of Hip Labral Tears

Misamore GW, Jaggers RR, Easton BL
The Incidence and Incubation Period of False Positive Cultures in Shoulder Surgery Study Protocol

Porter DA, Barnes AF, Feher AW, Rund AM
Incidence of Flexor Hallucis Longus Tears, Associated OS Trigonum Excision and Return to Play

Porter DA, Rund AM
Open Reduction Internal Fixation Lisfranc Injuries in the Athlete with Plate(s), Screw(s), and/or Suture Buttons

Rettig AC, Klootwyk TE, Maiers GP
AOSSM Multi-Center ACL Revision Study (MARS)

Sallay PI, Terry CL
Validation of the Proximal Hamstring Injury Questionnaire Patient Reported Outcomes Tool for Proximal Hamstring Injuries

Sallay PI, Terry CL
Subjective Outcomes Following Surgical Repair of the Proximal Hamstring Complex

Sallay PI, Mayer MN, Terry CL, Curless CT
The Pathoanatomy and Treatment Algorithm for Proximal Hamstring Injuries

Sallay PI, Carpiaux AM, Terry CL
Objective and Subjective Outcome After Rotator Cuff Repair: A Prospective Study


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