Please read the informational letter on implementing ImPACT, including how to implement ImPACT in your organization and instructions on utilizing PayPal for baseline testing if you are interested in baseline testing.

Implementing ImPACT

Below are informative letters about implementing ImPACT. They include the testing process, instructions for signing up for the program, and other specifics on the ISCN program.

  • Implementing ImPACT in your high school
  • Individual baseline test information
  • Letter to parents

Registration Forms

Please return the registration form to register your organization for baseline testing.

Administering the Baseline Test

Please download the administrators’ course, which provides information on the ImPACT test and how to administer the baseline tests to your organization. This course must be completed and the associated quiz returned to register your organization for the baseline testing program.

Preseason Concussion Assessment

The Preseason Concussion Assessment is a test that is useful to gain a baseline assessment of various brain functions that may be affected should an athlete suffer a head injury. This test should be done prior to beginning athletic activity each new season. The test assesses memory, concentration, orientation and balance.

Concussion Management Guidelines

Each organization should have their own concussion policy outlining how concussions will be handled within their organization. The directors have created a set of guidelines on the state of the art concussion management of student-athletes that can help create a policy for your organization.