As one part of proper concussion management, ISCN utilizes the computerized ImPACT test to obtain objective information on the function of the brain. ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) provides a common tool which allows for effective collaboration between athletic trainers, coaches, physicians and neuropsychologists in concussion management. Through baseline testing, clinicians are able to account for individual differences in cognitive ability and symptom reporting among student athletes. Again, ImPACT is only one tool in the management of concussions. Thanks to a donation from the Indianapolis Colts, the ISCN can discount the cost of baseline ImPACT tests to Indiana high school athletes. There are opportunities for those who would not fall under this grant to take baseline ImPACT tests if they are interested on an individual or group basis.


Once you have completed the ImPACT Administrators’ Course, returned the associated quiz and organization registration form, you will receive your testing instructions and will be ready to being testing.


Once you have your log-in information (as well as PayPal users), LOG-IN HERE to continue with baseline testing. There is a CODE under the buy now button, this code is needed to begin the impact test. Please write down this code before buying the test.

**Please do not administer or retake a baseline test in the event of a suspected concussion. Post-injury tests are intended to be taken at a physician appointment as part of a comprehensive exam.

Please note that the ISCN password will change yearly. It is imperative to have up to date contact information for your organization so we can keep you informed on the current password. If your organization code or the ISCN password is not working, please contact us.

Preseason Concussion Assessment

The Preseason Concussion Assessment is a test that is useful to gain a baseline assessment of various brain functions that may be affected should an athlete suffer a head injury. This test should be done prior to begining athletic activity each new season. The test assesses memory, concentration, orientation and balance.

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